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The Planning Process

Our Six-Step Planning Process

Our six-step planning process is a proven framework for identifying, analyzing and executing your financial strategy. Your customized plan will focus on your unique needs. We design a plan based on your objectives, your time horizon, and your ability to handle risk. By following a disciplined process, we’re able to manage emotion as an influence in your investment decisions - which is often the primary cause of erratic returns. 

1. Discovery Process - What are your Goals and Dreams?

We ask pertinent questions to discern your goals and objectives.

  • How do you want to spend your retirement?
  •  When do you want to retire?
  •  How much retirement income do you need? 
  •  Where do you plan to live?
  •  How much risk do you want to take?

2. Financial Analysis - What is your Financial Position?

Based on answers to these and other questions, we’ll analyze your situation to identify shortfalls and improve efficiency in your current strategy. This step sets the framework for our recommendations regarding the investment strategies that will work best for you. 

3. Asset Allocation - What is the Best Way to Allocate Your Assets?

The science of diversification is called Asset Allocation. According to respected academic research, over 91% of the portfolio performance is determined by how your assets are allocated.* The world’s top economist and investment professionals have long studied asset class behavior and portfolio analysis.

*Source: Brinson, Hood & Beebower, Financial Analysts Journal, 1986
Brinson, Singer & Beebower, Financial Analyst Journal, 1991

NO Market Timing - Studies have proven that success is determined more by time in the market and the existence of an Asset Allocation Policy. NO ONE knows, on any consistent basis, when the best time is to get in or out of the stock and bond markets. 

NO Individual Stock Selection - Our clients look to us for management of their "Serious Money," therefore we do not try to pick individual stocks that may, or may not, outperform the general market. Broad diversification provides management of volatility. Limiting a portfolio to a few companies may increase risk without necessarily providing higher returns. 

There is no guarantee that asset allocation or diversification will enhance overall returns, outperform a non-diversified portfolio, nor ensure a profit or protect against a loss.

4. Implementation - Investment Manager Selection - What is the Right Choice for You?

Planning is only the first step; implementation is the key to success. It’s time for our team to begin executing the strategy we have developed together. No one person or group can specialize in every area of investing; therefore we employ multiple money managers to help in managing your money. We also employ a "Manager of Managers" approach for optimum oversight and monitoring of a client’s investment portfolio. Regardless of the investment approach we ultimately recommend for you, you have the assurance that we are aligned with the industry’s top resources.

5. Monitoring and Rebalancing - We are on Constant Watch for You.

Managing your investments takes proven capability, time and focus. Market forces and economic conditions are constantly changing, which can directly affect your asset mix and prompt the need for rebalancing. It’s our job to always be on watch for you. As your LPL financial advisors, it’s our responsibility to continually monitor your investment portfolio, oversee the decision to rebalance and realign your portfolio, and then clearly communicate changes to you. 

6. Reporting - You need Knowledge, Not just Information.

An important part of our job is to keep you informed and in control. That’s why we provide you with clear, ongoing communications. 

As a client, you will receive:

  • Ready access to your advisor
  • Monthly custodial statements
  • Quarterly phone reviews
  • Annual face-to-face reviews
  • Year-end tax reports
  • Online access
  • Market commentary/newsletters
  • Educational programs